• Preclinical MRI / in vivo Imaging
    3T MRI

    Translational, Cryogen-free, preclinical MRI – MRS 3000TM Series

    The revolutionary MRS 3000 preclinical MRI systems are leading edge, cost-effective translational preclinical MRI instruments, providing superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability. The cryogen-free superconducting, dry magnets offer variable field strengths from 0.1T to 3T and have almost no fringe field, allowing safe use in any facility or existing laboratory and by any operator, with low running costs and no special site requirements advancing your small animal research. The MRS MRI systems require NO LIQUID HELIUM, Dry Magnets.

    The MRS 3000 series MRI systems are designed to complement and enable multi-modality imaging. Delivering powerful performance and ease-of-use. The systems are compact with a small footprint design that can be placed in close proximity to other imaging modalities.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Superior soft tissue contrast and molecular imaging capability for great visualization, quantification and translational studies
    • High spatial resolution for great visualization and quantification
    • Superior field homogeneity, minimal noise and no temperature drift
    • Easy translational research with variable field strengths of 0.1T – 3.0T
    • Complete animal handling solution
    • Compact with almost no fringe field
    • Dry magnet, no liquid Helium required
    • Multi-modality imaging; it can be installed in close proximity to other imaging modalities such as SPECT, PET, etc.
    • Available in 17cm or 31cm bore sizes enabling studies with a variety of animal models, e.g. mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, small monkey families and more.

  • Preclinical MRI / in vivo Imaging / BioImaging
    VISQUE CleVue

    CleVue™ is a viewer software designed for VISQUE products. The software sets condition for fluorescence and luminescence images and analyses results. The program offers pseudo-colored ideal signal window level and radiance signal value and thus enables researchers to check results on site. As many as ten images can be analyzed at a time, and as many as four images are displayed on a screen for easy comparison among the images under the same condition experiments.

    CleVue™ includes a kinetics analysis program for high-speed imaging with speed of 24fps. The program offers kinetic analysis of time lapse images captured with VISQUE products. With close collaboration with researchers, Vieworks made its best efforts in learning about needs of researchers, and thus reflected them as much as it can to enhance convenience of frequently used functions and offer key analysis functions including automatic calculation of kinetics algorithms. Furthermore, the program is packed with a vast variety of functions relevant for real time imaging to ensure accuracy in kinetic analysis.

  • Preclinical MRI / in vivo Imaging / BioImaging
    VISQUE InVivo Elite

    VISQUE™InVivo Elite is an in vivo imaging device for preclinical phase, with combination of Viework's high performance industrial camera and incomparable technological competence in medical imaging solution.

    Deploying TEC (Thermoelectric Peltier) cooling technology, high performance digital camera cools down camera sensor, as much as 20℃ lower than surrounding temperature. This cooling effect ensures stability in operation despite exposure for long hours, and thus enhances sensitivity of camera. With design to maximize thermo emission of the digital cooling camera and interior of the device, VISQUE™InVivo Elite minimizes noise in images and captures high quality images, maintaining high sensitivity despite long exposure.

    Motor-controlled full HD zoom lens enables easy zooming in and out, opening and closing of aperture, and focusing with software tools. Thus it can offer high resolution images of at least 33㎛. VISQUE InVivo Elite is suitable for luminescent and fluorescent photography from visible rays to near infrared rays. Further, high-speed imaging reaching the maximum of 24 fps and patented mechanical design make real-time fluorescence imaging possible.

    In addition, CleVue™, viewer software for VISQUE™ InVivo Elite, can offers analyzed images and ROI's statistics data for academic papers with analysis tools that has been developed by close and continuous collaboration with researchers.

    VISQUE™InVivo Elite can be used for diverse purposes ranging from research activities on cancer, angiogenesis, liver function, neurology, inflammation disease, to stem cells, and further, analysis on bio functions of cardiovascular and lymphoid organs and pharmacokinetics.

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