DSX series digital microscopes combine the quality of our renowned optical technologies with the ease of use of digital technologies. The DSX1000 digital microscope is used to observe and measure a variety of samples, including electronic components and metal materials. The microscope requires little training to use; simply place your sample and easily perform a series of operations from 3D observation to measurement and reporting.

The DSX1000 microscope meets a wide range of observational and analytical needs in a single unit while improving the inspection workflow. An expanded lineup of 15 lenses covers a 20-7,000X magnification range. Users can also take advantage of the microscope’s six observation methods to observe and measure a variety of objects. For example, techniques are available to highlight irregularities on a sample surface or emphasize contours. The main unit and stage can each be freely adjusted ± 90° to accommodate samples with many shapes and to view the samples from all angles. In addition, newly developed algorithms can be used to acquire 3D images approximately ten times faster than conventional digital microscopes. Lastly, we support efficient and accurate observations and analyses by calibrating microscopes for each user’s operating environment to help ensure accurate measurements.

Main Features
1. 20–7,000X magnification range and a rotating stage.
2. Immediately switch between objective lenses and six observation methods.
3. Telecentric optical system provides guaranteed measurement accuracy throughout the magnification range

Available models:
Entry Model - Easy to use with basic functionality.
Tilt Model - See sample from many angles
High-Resolution Model - High-Resolution for advanced analysis
High-End Model - 6 observation methods and advanced measurement functions

The pendulum impact testers series CHK. 1 in benchtop design with nominal energy up to 50J belong due to their accuracy, reliability, ergonomic layout and originality in evaluation of the test among the world´s top class in the field of impact tests. Impact pendulum testers up to 50J are designed to suit the operator ergonomically and functionally in conjunction with a bench. Unique touch screen integration concept with full PC including IMPACTTest software.
Built for failure analysis and material engineering research, the OLS5100 laser microscope combines exceptional measurement accuracy and optical performance with smart tools that make the microscope easy to use. Precisely measure shape and surface roughness at the submicron level quickly and efficiently to simplify your workflow with data you can trust.

Simplify Your Measurement Testing Workflow
The microscope’s Smart Experiment Manager helps users manage the planning, acquisition and analysis phases of their experiments. The microscope scans samples according to a customized experiment plan generated by the software, helping to keep users from missing data or redoing work. During analysis, the software’s trend visualization tools make it easier for users to spot problems.

Data You Can Trust
The OLS5100 microscope’s Smart Lens Advisor takes the guesswork out of selecting the right objective lens when measuring surface roughness. In three simple steps, the Advisor rates the objective lens based on the application, so users know they are using the right objective.

Reliable Data at the Push of a Button
Some laser microscopes are complicated, but the OLS5100 microscope makes data acquisition simple—just place a sample on the stage and press the start button. The microscope will make all necessary setting adjustments and acquire the data.

With outstanding accuracy and optical performance combined with smart tools that make system easy to use, the OLS5100 laser microscope simplifies experiment workflows and delivers high-quality data users can rely on.

PHI’s patented Parallel Imaging MS/MS mass spectrometer provides superior sensitivity, low spectral background, unique ability to image highly topographic surfaces, high mass accuracy and mass resolution, and unambiguous peak identification with parallel tandem MS imaging capability. The PHI nanoTOF 3 can be configured with a wide variety of options to optimize performance for organic materials, inorganic materials, or both, depending on customer requirements.

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The PHI VersaProbe 4 is a highly versatile, multi-technique instrument with PHI’s patented, monochromatic, micro-focused, scanning X-ray source. The instrument offers true SEM-like ease of operation with superior micro area spectroscopy and excellent large area capabilities. The fully integrated multi-technique platform of the PHI VersaProbe 4 offers an array of optional excitation sources, sputter ion sources, and sample treatment and transfer capabilities. These features are essential in studying today’s advanced materials and in supporting your material characterization and problem-solving needs.

The new PHI VersaProbe 4 has improved spectroscopic performance, new large area imaging and mapping capabilities, and environmentally friendly modern configuration with efficient power consumption, faster pump-down and ergonomic design.

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LABORTECH s.r.o. - Czech Manufacturer of test equipment and automation
New Microprobe PHI VersaProbe 4 is available now
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